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With incredible natural surroundings underpinned by the unrivaled experience of living in nature, Citrine Estates is the utopian location for an additional home and investment property.

Bolstered by the booming real estate market in Cyprus, particularly in Limassol, and the upcoming world-class casino, your property at Citrine Estates can become a powerful revenue generator.

There is a limited number of properties in this premier development. Book your private consultation to invest in this exclusive limited offering.

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Living up to its mythical legacy as the birthplace of Aphrodite and the ‘island of love’, the small nation of Cyprus boasts idyllic beaches, romantic ancient ruins, and a welcoming, vibrant culture that has won hearts across the East and the West, resulting in Cyprus’s unique multiethnic tradition.


An Island to Fall in Love with

An Island to Fall in Love with

Location and Lifestyle

The epitome of
Mediterranean luxury

Located in the small town of Zakaki, Citrine Estates is nestled in the Akrotiri Peninsula. Its Salt Lake and reserve, known for its marvelous display of pink flamingos, has an abundant birdlife and an equally rich wildlife.

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Developed by CNS Group, Citrine Estates optimizes modern design with the investor’s bespoke customization.

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